“So what do you do with yourself?” The conversation started at my dentist appointment this week…

Im never caught off guard with this one, its a line im forever repeating when people ask

“Im just a mum” I reply

 the conversation continues something along the lines with how busy i must be whilst we all focus on me the women who portrays herself as ‘just a mum’ i normally try to focus talking about my ratty kids and how its so fun going to the dentist because i get a break but normally there is another question about me and for that sometimes i have to stop and think… 

Its so natural isn’t it though to blurt “im just a mum” yet then we struggle to think when asked about..hobbies, and what we do all day… well im just a mum doesnt the young dental assistant get what that entitles? 

I clean shit up, i make lunch, one goes to sleep just as the other wakes, i mop the lunch mess up, i throw washing in a pile while I’m chasing the toddler around the house screaming and threatning to send her to her room, and then im cleaning shit up again…

Im a mum alright what would make my day sound so riverting that she would be interested?…i get it though in a job like that small talk is necessary..takes the nerves away…something that a strong drink would seriousily do better but hey.

Maybe i should lie then and tell her i went out for coffee, or spent the day sunbaking at the beach, or i went to the gym, maybe she would not only be interested but maybe she may actually think im cool or something 


“I took my 3 year old for a swim today” I blurt  cause thats sounds so interesting and all….the conversation continued as i thought it would but the whole way home I couldn’t stop thinking about my the famous line ‘just a mum’ 

I pulled into the garage, my three year old waiting for me waving, comes running out asking about the ‘tooth doctor’ as we call it jumping up and down with excitiment i dont think she really cared as she then proceeded to tell me all about her time with daddy. 

I thought about our day, as i climbed into bed, somedays its seems so mudane, day in, day out but all those moments that make up a day, they make the life you live too.. 

My 3 year old loved that we had one on one time while the baby slept in the pram today, we went for a swim

My three year old sat cuddling me on the couch today for but a few minutes only to jump off and tell me she was hungry 

My three year old turned to me and told me she loved me today

My three year old had a tantrum but then although i made her she still said sorry

 My babys face lit up several times today 

My baby stood for the first time all by herself today 

My girls, they love me, to them somedays im a scraming crazy lady, the next minute im kissing boo boos, only several minuets later to be breaking up a argument…so many roles  to then imply im ‘just a mum’

Im not just..  im their mum

And being a mum too 1, 2 or 5 surely that has to beat anything right? even if you juggle work, your are a single mum, or a stay at home mum…whichever mum you are being ‘just a mum’ doesnt cut it… maybe its what it seems to you but to them they see you – a tired mum, exhausted mum, a happy mum..and all those things that you run around crazy doing for them.. they may sound like their not a big deal, feeding, bathing, dressing, cleaning, a speckle in your day, yet they make up the day, the time spent together, those moments can be a big deal to such a little person because they make you THEIR mum.

And for what it’s worth.. your not JUST!

Jess x 


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