​Kids just know when your stressed dont they…its like they can smell it, taste it in the air even…

Its been a long time i know, ive picked up the dusty study books again…or should i say in this day and age the laptop…yep 3 weeks into uni life and i cant believe im still somewhat swimming..
Lucky me! Seriousily though… balance..i want to know how you all do it?

… Im a stay at home mum and im taking my hats off to all you working mums who still study and take time for your little ones whilst running a house..

 How do you do it? 

Im learning to find the balance and its really hard…they want my attention all the damn time and i want to write just one more thing, cite one more article, ask one more question and i find myself wrestling with it because now im a guilty mumma who let her child live in her pjamas all day eating popcorn and watching telly…whoops did i just say that? 
So then I go to the next extreme and get the paint out, the water play out…the ball pit out all so i can call myself a good mumma…
God knows why i feel like i need to earn some title though…

Im trying to learn to breathe, one day at a time. Tomorrow im venturing out of the house to the library ..woop woop i feel i need to do something for them because at the moment im #shitmumming it… or so it feels
My three year old looked me in the eye the other day and asked me why i need to look at my phone again…

Broke my heart…. i wanted to know a answer to a question i asked about an assignemnt but right there and then she…my 3 year old broke me…

So tell me friends  how do you do it? Be mum, yet be everything else the world demands you to be as well? 
Hints, tips ill take them while i sit here and breathe! 

Jess x 


One thought on “Breathing whilst balancing!

  1. You’re doing a great job Jess…on the surface I’m sure it looks like others have it all together…..were all good at putting on a front….but underneath other mum’s are going through similar experiences you’re walking through right now….this too shall pass…..keep smiling and look up…..one foot in front of the other…..one day at a time xxx

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