Mum life and study is hard…

Being a Working mum is hard…
Being a mum in general can take its toll..its hard I know because I’ve done all those things..ive experianced just being mum, ive been to work full time, part time, and casual while playing mum and ive also had no adgenda and lived in the moment as a mum

Do you know what’s harder than all those things for me though?

Yep i said it! I cant fathom any regret that we all feel at times constantly…yes its something that sometimes we have to live with, but its also something sometimes we have an option to hit on the head right then and there!

And right now, Right in this moment I regret the feeling of feeling like ive had to be more than just a mum, ive studied, ive stopped, ive started, ive ended… im seriousily so bad at comitment unless of course its coffee and chocolate and then im all in!

Last week i had a mid life crisis… is that even something that exists apart from on tv? I went through every emotion possible, changed my mind 400 times, and as a result relaized that my peace of mind is worth more than any of that!

Whilst some people obtain careers first before kids, there are amazing people that obtain careers with kids, young, old or as a single parent, and then theres un decided people like me that just want the right here, right now moment …
ive had a career ten years working raising other peoples kids, it was great and ill go back to that eventually or find another career but for now its my turn to raise my kids, i dont have to be anyone, i dont have to do anything, or obtain a degree, i dont have to strive for something that’s eating me up…

So Whilst im not sure about what my working career one day has in store for me yet i know there are many options when the time comes..

i know i don’t have to be like you, and you don’t have to be like me.
There are those that can be and do a million and 1 things and then theres those like me who can focus on 1 thing at a time…

and thats ok Were all made to be different, (thank god, because i doubt you would totally want to be like me and live a non guilty chocolate eating life)

hello my name is Jess, i find raising kids and study f**king unmanageable, I dont want to be one of those ‘just a mums’ as i feel like ive been, attempting to do and be all, I dont want my weeks to end in tears, i dont want to be doing something for the sake if it and not enjoying it,

I want to put my everything in and be a bloody good mum, because i know im bloody good at it and ill take it in my stride to strive through those shitty days, those just a mum days, those wanting to perfect mum days, those messed up days… ill take mum life with a serve of tantrums and cuddles and enjoy it because whilst you were born to career it, study it, or be it all, I was born to mum it!

So for now, for this season, that’s what ill do and ill enjoy it!

Ill take mum life with my coffee, and chocolate and ill be the bloody good mum i was born to be!


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