Its raining, we’re moving, & there’s nothing left in the house but a bed, a fridge, the iPad, a couple of crumbs and echoing walls that hold a whole heap of memories.

I cant go getting too sentimental I know its the longest rental weve lived in at any one time – just over 2 years ..
before zara we were always moving, every year… its funny though how kids settle you down, you not only have less patience but you learn to appreciate what you have.

Weve been lucky, blessed, happy, whatever word you want to use to describe our time on the sunshine coast, its been an adventure, a mystery, a lot of unsettlement, and alot of happiness, its been a whirlwind of emotions as we raise a little family and although its not goodbye because really were only heading an hour away and whats that in the scheme of the world? Nothing.

But our new season is almost upon us, were moving out to the countryside, and i know many people have opinions, youll miss city life, youll miss beach life, its too far, itll be this, itll be that.. For us, because were the only ones who walk on our own shoes, ill tell you,

itll be our little slice of home, for however long, for whatever season, it will be right for us and meant to be… the girls will adjust, we will adjust, we will probably see more cows than beaches, we will probably live in gumboots and flannies, but we will create more memories, im sure with out a doubt we will look back as we step forward, im sure we will miss so many little things…

However amongst missing little memories like sunday donuts by the river we wont miss home..(too much 😉)

Because weve come to realize in our final moments of packing this week a house, it becomes a home as you let it, and create it..but a family, a family is always a home wherever you may be ❤


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