My name is Jess I’m 20 something and a confessed coffee drinker. I’m married to my best friend and we have two little girls R aged 4 and Z who is almost 2. We live in the sunny state Qld, Australia.

Since having our first born R we soon learnt what the meaning of sleep deprivation was, this kid is determined to keep us awake forever!! Fast forward two years and we are now experiencing what life is like on the crazy side with a very energetic toddler, & a four month old.

Life is never dull, there’s always mess, always fun, always tears,always giggles, and of course coffee, just too keep me sane.

I started my blog as a way to express my crazy thoughts, feelings and other ramblings. Its my outlet for me to make sense of my world and sometimes question my parenting. I understand not everyone who reads will always agree, after all we come from different backgrounds that shape what we stand for.

When im not drinking coffee, hanging out washing, or dealing with tantrums i love to read other mummy blogs, and create little play spaces for my children, im a big advocate for children learning through play. So i hope to share some of these in my blog too.

If you have come across my blog your welcome to follow on whether your laughing, crying, agreeing disagreeing, or questioning some of my crazy mummy antics. Sometimes it’s just good to see raw, honest people out there not afraid of sharing their world with people who may or may not relate.

So with a coffee in hand here goes!

A favourite quote that encourages me!

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