Our kitchen Sensory tray

This morning was a great morning filled with coffee grounds, cocoa, pasta shells, rice, flour and whatever else we could find in the kitchen. 

We used a ice cube tray to house all these items from the kitchen and thanks to our purchase at ikea last week we had a big box to sit in and go wild mixing, pouring feeling and using our pots, pans cups, spoons, & measuring cups.

My three year old loved it! My six month old wasnt quite to sure at first what to think.she watched her sister mix and pour her ingredients and soon she too was picking up the pasta shells and banging on the pots and pans.

Different textures from the kitchen cupboard made a great sensory play experiance we not only enjoyed feeling them with our hands but smelling them too. 

Have you done anything similar? Would love to hear what it was .

Jess x 


Loose parts and the theory behind it

Lately ive seen so much about ‘loose parts play’ im reading it in my blogs, on my instagram, its all around me.. so i thought we would give it ago in our house this week.

For those that arnt farmiliar ‘loose part play’ has been around for years but in 1971 an architect named simon nicholson developed an actual theory of loose parts.

Nicholson critisized how children were often presented with finished materials leaving no room for imagination. He felt that children needed to learn to become creative and a way to foster this was to give children loose parts and let their imagination run wild. 

As much as i love and agree with this theory it by no means means i need to get rid of my childs toys but it has encouraged me to want to enhance my girls imagination. 

So loose parts can be anything you find that can be moved about, sorted, stacked the list could be endless.children learn to explore, experiment, create and construct. A ‘loose part’ has no defined purpose and can be used in anyway.

 Reading and discovering about loose part play has encouraged me to become more chidlike and creative and i hope it does you too. 

So here it is… Our loose part play: 

We cant wait to experiment with more loose parts this week. 

Let us know how you go if you give it a try too.

Jess x 

Zoo Animals and jelly

Yesterday I made up some jelly poured it in a tin and asked my three year old to find something to put in the jelly she choose her zoo animals 

It was all set this morning so we pulled it out for a play. 

It was very cold and the animals were very stuck, R my three year old pulled the animals out and sucked off the jelly while miss z (6months) decided it would be fun to squish the jelly in between her fingers and laugh at her sister! 

What fun a bit of jelly was! 

Have you tried any sensory activities with jelly before ? 

Would love to hear them. 

Jess x 

Coloured spaghetti 

Last night we had left over spaghetti, instead of throwing it out like I normally would I placed it in a zip lock bag with a couple of squirts of food dye. This morning we tipped it onto a tray so R can practise her cutting skills whilst enjoying the feel of it. She has even added her little animals too it. She tells me she is cutting up her animals some food… Now that’s imagination.

Have you used left over food for a sensory/play idea for your child? Shoot me some more ideas I’d love to hear them 

Jess x 

Stay sane!

Some how we have mixed things up from looking too much in the cyber world. We have these thoughts of mums being perfect, mums having it all, looking a certain way, eating a certain way, having their house a certain way, disciplining a certain way, cooking a certain way. Honestly will we ever get a break from it all? When in reality it’s 10am The toddler is screaming because she needs her bum to be wiped, and the baby is crying as loud as she can get from her cot because god forbid you put her down to go and have a shower. You took five extra minutes so you could wash your hair and yet now your wondering why it feels like the universe has it in for you!

Oh the glorious days of life with children! So fun, so rewarding, so draining, and so messy but yet I wouldn’t change it. 

Somedays you wonder how it all happened you go from guessing on how to get through life with one baby, too mummy life with two children maybe three or four asking yourself if time will slow itself down. Just let me get my head around our morning routine and yet there’s so much waiting to be done your confused where to start! Everything changes once kids come along I remember the days of a 20 minute clean and the house would be spotless, now it’s never ending.
The house is a mess after you vacuumed because the toddler is just like a constant cyclone, your still in your pjs cause you can’t get everyone else’s shit together. The battle is honestly real! I was one of those judgemental mums the first time round Like honestly how hard could it be to just make yourself a sandwich for lunch? to have a shower? 

But today I want to be one of those mums that says – your doing fine, stress less! 

– Forget the routine, or if you need to, stick to a routine! 

– Forget what others think you know the ones that are on Instagram at 8 in the morning posting workouts with there four children in tow looking fab! Or if you can do the workout and forget about your house, or the washing do it, go for it! 

– Forget baking biscuits if you didn’t get around to it, go buy packet ones! On the same hand if you can bake, you go bake! 

– Forget what they say about nursing the baby to sleep, feed her till she’s out to it if that’s what it takes! 

– Forget about controlled crying, if you need to give in then give in.

You see at the end of the day sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to not only keep yourself sane, but to make it through because Somedays are just so damn hard! If that means throwing the kids in the pram for a midday walk because the house is trashed and your not sure how to tackle it then just do it! Don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t compare yourself to everyone else. Somedays we all loose our shit, Somedays we hold it together and Somedays don’t even happen! 

If your anything like me, trying to have a flawless house, the kids dressed by a certain time, with breakfast cleaned up and washing on forget it, forget that Pinterest tells you being organised is only six steps away, forget the neighbour, forget what everyone else is doing Somedays you just gotta give in and honestly forget it because you matter too, your sanity matters, the day will go on, you’ll get through it with one job, maybe two done, maybe none, but hey that’s what mum life is about right? 

The days roll into weeks, which roll into months, then years and soon someday it won’t matter anymore.. 

Somedays  you just need to let go

Because Somedays that’ll be what gets you through.

Jess x 

Looking for the right moment.

I grew up In Tasmania, 20 years I lived there for and always imagined I’d have a family, settle down and stay there.
How life changes! I ended up moving away when I was 20, homesick from my family who had moved to SA. Life continued I had met a guy back in Tasmania before I left and we started dating, never even contemplated the long distance thing.. If it worked it worked. And it did he followed over and ended up living with us, soon we were engaged and planning a wedding.. We didn’t wait long, people say when you know you know but I say if you want it you’ll make it work. (A whole new story) We’ve had our days, but weather we had been dating for 6 years or 6 months it’s not going to matter really we all have our moments.

We ended up going back to Tasmania for our wedding, went to Qld for our honeymoon and settled back into the South Australian life. We fell in love with a few places in Qld and dreamt of one day living there, fast forward a couple years with a child on my hip we moved up. 

We Took a month to drive up to Qld from Sa and stopped to set up the tent as we needed… We were basically homeless for quite awhile, stayed in a few different places and worked… It’s funny because we always said if we had time and money we could keep on going and do the big lap.  Fast forward again this September it will be two years since being here and we now have a child each attatched to our hip. We love the lifestyle and culture there’s always places to see and go… And as much as we love it here we also have dreams and goals for the year ahead and future. People assume that because you have kids your ready to settle, yes in a way you have to settle but what does ‘to settle’ look like? It can be differant for many. 

I never had any of these dreams, I grew up in the one place and thought that’s where I’d stay but boy if your willing life can take you on some adventures. 

See the thing is for some people they stay in one place all there life and are happy, for others they contemplate dreams of travelling or moving to the other side of the world, some do it and some are too scared having to ask ten different people what they think and wait for the ‘right moment.’ some contemplate a career change but could be put off with the thought of it not working out. Others contemplate having children but are worried because they only just got married.. “What will people think? It’s probably not the right moment.”

Life never has any right moments.. You take the leap or leave it. When I was pregnant with my first someone once asked me if we were ready because to our delight she was a suprise… I didn’t have an answer and then one day a friend at the time said to me “Jess you will never  be ready, you will never have enough money, energy etc for a child, you may never feel as though your ready to be parents because nothing can really prepare you.”  

It’s the same as life really. You don’t know what’s around the corner and as the cliche saying goes make the most of life because you only have one. 

I don’t know what your contemplating, a career change? A move to the next city? Another child? Your dreaming of travelling? Getting married? 

Don’t wait for the right moment, don’t wait for the OK from your friends or family don’t wait for there approval. If you have a dream get up and live it or at least attempt it.

We’re here one day and gone the next. I challenge you whatever your facing as a single, as a couple or a family don’t let other people rule your thoughts. As they say 

sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey, they don’t need too it’s not for them.

Wherever you go someone will have an opinion, were all filled with them, I have an opinion about my neighbours and the car they drive but to them there not going to care , there like 20 something living there life obviously loving there car maybe because it plays doof doof music I don’t know but should it matter to me?  

The other day at the park my 2.5 year old daughter decided she would climb the ropes, too the top I may add, she’s never done it before but she just got up and did it, didn’t question it that morning when she woke because she didn’t even know we were going to the park. 

The next day she attempted the rock climbing wall, she’s never done that one before either but she did it.

I guess unlike adults children just get up and do things in the moment weather they Fail or fall.

Jess x 

Putting on the child like lens

‘That’s the trouble with the world, they all grow up’ – Walt Disney 

We can’t always have control over what life throws at us… This week I’ve been learning to enjoy the simple moments with my children, the everyday moments, the mundane crap…. And it’s amazing you know the feeling you get from knowing how happy they are because your just spending time with them, nothing extrodinary, your just there by their side enjoying the little things. 

Behind the scenes, the part your children don’t see we have pressure from work, colleagues, friends, family, then we have the curve balls that life throws and we wonder how we are going to make it through, but somehow we do. Yet on the Homefront my children look to me with small eyes and gesturing hands “come on mummy, come and play” they have no idea what’s going through my head.. And I must admit sometimes neither do I. 

The parenting gig is tough, and if you have children yourself that’s no new news right there. Too often we struggle with self doubt, are we doing ok? Are we involved enough? Are we setting a good example? How did we measure up to social media today?

The pressure of perfection is always luring to meet the standards from the bar society sets. 

But you know despite all that, despite those wanting to measure to perfection moments, those curve balls, those bills our children see straight past it because they don’t have those responsibilities yet. However for us playing the parent role it sucks because sometimes we lose sight of what really matters, the simple family moments that ground us and feed us. 

Imagine if we could learn to let go in the moment if not all the time! Put on the child like lens at the park, drop the thought of how your going to pay that bill, how your going to face the next curve ball and for once just embrace the simple things. Forget measuring up to people, forget that it was a shitty day and just let it go. 

Do it for your children, but do it for yourself!

Because after all life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Jess x