Rain clouds

Today we experimented with shaving foam, something I recently seen on pintrest and just had to try with my toddler. 

You only need a few items, glass of water, shaving foam and food colouring

We  sprayed a heap of foam on the  water and then i let miss 3 do the honours of droping some blue onto the shaving foam. 

It creates a awesome effect we talked about it looking like the rain and clouds… this was so fun and such a simple experiment…. id love to try different colours and watch as it falls from the foam…
Have you done this experiment before? 

I must say we sat for ages to watch the blue whirl amongst the water …. it was so calming

Jess x 


Our little bugs

Over the weekend my three year old spotted a worm on our driveway, and of course she had to build a house for it.. 

this morning she was so excited to go see her worm friend only to discover he had gone she was quite upset so we searched the garden for some more bugs until i had a light bulb moment to make our own.

We gathered some pieces, pipe cleaners, paint, pom poms, stick on eyes and of course a egg cartoon. I told little R that we could make our own bugs, quickly making my own to show her what i meant as i was suggesting it.

Once she could see the concept she had a great time in the sun creating her own little bugs.

Of course its not the same as real bugs but after we made them, and let them dry little R played and played with them, built them a house out of rocks and gathered some leaves for them to eat.

Im definatly investing in a bug catcher for her but its also so much fun watching their imagination come alive when they make do with what they have.
Have you collected bugs before? If so what?
Jess x 

Stained glass window

Please tell me im not the only one that turns into a physco when it rains…

Two children who refuse to sleep, yet are ratty and a mum whose had enough.

That was yesterday, i told myself today would be different and quickly thought up a easy set up craft to go too.

The good old stained glass window.

Who cares what they stick on the contact.. as long as their having fun right? 

It was my saviour for the morning!

So my friends if you havent done this before its a sheet of contact and any bits and bobs you can find for them to stick to the contact.

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wrapping papper
  • Paddlepop sticks
  • Pom poms
  • Scrap paper
  • Old paintings cut into pieces

You can go crazy really..and since miss 3 is learning the scissors she can cut up some of it herself. 

Id love to hear your quick rainy day go to activities?

Jess x 

Our kitchen Sensory tray

This morning was a great morning filled with coffee grounds, cocoa, pasta shells, rice, flour and whatever else we could find in the kitchen. 

We used a ice cube tray to house all these items from the kitchen and thanks to our purchase at ikea last week we had a big box to sit in and go wild mixing, pouring feeling and using our pots, pans cups, spoons, & measuring cups.

My three year old loved it! My six month old wasnt quite to sure at first what to think.she watched her sister mix and pour her ingredients and soon she too was picking up the pasta shells and banging on the pots and pans.

Different textures from the kitchen cupboard made a great sensory play experiance we not only enjoyed feeling them with our hands but smelling them too. 

Have you done anything similar? Would love to hear what it was .

Jess x 

Loose parts and the theory behind it

Lately ive seen so much about ‘loose parts play’ im reading it in my blogs, on my instagram, its all around me.. so i thought we would give it ago in our house this week.

For those that arnt farmiliar ‘loose part play’ has been around for years but in 1971 an architect named simon nicholson developed an actual theory of loose parts.

Nicholson critisized how children were often presented with finished materials leaving no room for imagination. He felt that children needed to learn to become creative and a way to foster this was to give children loose parts and let their imagination run wild. 

As much as i love and agree with this theory it by no means means i need to get rid of my childs toys but it has encouraged me to want to enhance my girls imagination. 

So loose parts can be anything you find that can be moved about, sorted, stacked the list could be endless.children learn to explore, experiment, create and construct. A ‘loose part’ has no defined purpose and can be used in anyway.

 Reading and discovering about loose part play has encouraged me to become more chidlike and creative and i hope it does you too. 

So here it is… Our loose part play: 

We cant wait to experiment with more loose parts this week. 

Let us know how you go if you give it a try too.

Jess x 

Zoo Animals and jelly

Yesterday I made up some jelly poured it in a tin and asked my three year old to find something to put in the jelly she choose her zoo animals 

It was all set this morning so we pulled it out for a play. 

It was very cold and the animals were very stuck, R my three year old pulled the animals out and sucked off the jelly while miss z (6months) decided it would be fun to squish the jelly in between her fingers and laugh at her sister! 

What fun a bit of jelly was! 

Have you tried any sensory activities with jelly before ? 

Would love to hear them. 

Jess x 

Coloured spaghetti 

Last night we had left over spaghetti, instead of throwing it out like I normally would I placed it in a zip lock bag with a couple of squirts of food dye. This morning we tipped it onto a tray so R can practise her cutting skills whilst enjoying the feel of it. She has even added her little animals too it. She tells me she is cutting up her animals some food… Now that’s imagination.

Have you used left over food for a sensory/play idea for your child? Shoot me some more ideas I’d love to hear them 

Jess x